International Medical Graduates in Nephrology: A Guide for Trainees and Programs

Adapted From:
Neyra, J.A., Tio M.C., & Ferrè S. (2020, August 2). International Medical Graduates in Nephrology: A Guide for Trainees and Programs. ACKD Journal.

A significant portion of the nephrology workforce has traditionally consisted of non-United States (US) citizen international medical graduates and international research trainees. Although international medical graduates are offered opportunities for training and professional growth that are beyond those available in their countries of origin, they typically encounter barriers to transition from training to practice and early-stage career development. In this article, we describe the exchange visitor and temporary worker visas granted to foreign trainees in the United States, focusing on the transition from training to nephrology practice and/or research. While we provide general recommendations on how to navigate this tedious and unpredictable process for both programs and trainees, consultation with immigration attorneys is indispensable for a successful outcome. Trainees are therefore encouraged to seek continuous support from their programs/sponsors and assistance from immigration representatives at their training institutions. We provide a positive message to emphasize that there are many pathways to arrive at the desired post-training destination.

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