8 Tips to a Successful Job Search During a Pandemic

Get started on the right foot with these 8 tips for interviewing during a pandemic.

  • Start early! Now is not the time to put your job search on hold and wait for restrictions to lift, instead we recommend you start now as the search process could take longer. Visit our Job Search Timeline to guide you.
  •  A good place to start your search is to start checking online job boards like USRenaLink and other national job boards. Apply directly and/or upload your CV for employers to contact you.
    From there, coordinate calls with practices and recruiters who respond to your applications to learn more about the job. Many recruiters will have additional jobs they can explore with you that may not have been advertised – stay in touch with them as new jobs open up frequently.
  • Research practices in your desired locations and use your resources to connect with them directly. If you have a specific location you need to be in, don’t wait for a job to be advertised. Many times practices are too busy and just haven’t gotten around to advertising. Or they may not have considered hiring before your CV lands on their desk! Do your homework – this can be a huge advantage!
  • Network with former fellows, friends and colleagues who may be able to connect you with opportunities. Nephrology is a small world so use your connections wisely!
  • Participate in virtual career fairs and conferences. Many career fairs and industry conferences have had to move online, these are still great opportunities.
  • Utilize social media to engage and connect – Twitter, LinkedIn, and other Nephrology-specific groups have an active following. If you’re not already using these platforms or engaged in a group, this is a great space to get involved and grow your network.
  • The “new” interview process is virtual. We’re seeing a lot of practices using Zoom, FaceTime and other platforms to conduct secondary interviews during the lockdown – this has been a great way for groups to continue to move the hiring process forward when travel hasn’t been possible. Make sure you’re prepared for a video conference call .
  • And finally, as travel restrictions start to open up, take advantage of opportunities to travel quickly, but make sure to check not only your own state’s restrictions, but those for the state you’re traveling to – some states still have quarantine rules in place.